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Bathroom Accessories That Enhance the Décor

Bathroom Accessories That Enhance the Décor

Sometimes all that a bathroom need is a little twist rather than an overall remodeling. Adding accessories to an often-plain room could make it to feel warmer, cozy and attractive. In fact, there is no cheaper way of changing the look of a bathroom other than by introducing decorative items. These accents can be new hardware on the sink taps, accents on toilet bowls, bathroom vanities and other storage options. Here are some accessories, which will enhance your bathroom.

Accessory 1: Storage in the bathroom is very important. There is a need to have a place to store your shaving creams, shampoo, soap and other toiletries. Towels also require some place to stay clean and dry. If the bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate a set of vanities, introduce them in the design. For those rooms, which are rather small, find a size that will fit in the space available. Remember you are accessorizing the décor; hence, find a piece with elegant hardware elements and if possible find glass cabinets to display the items. 

Other organization accessories, you could consider in a bathroom, include a toothpaste dispenser, decorative towel rails, hooks, and well-manicured toothbrush holders. These are great functional pieces, which also improve the décor of the room. Small bathrooms can benefit from such items since they are both decorative and functional. They come in many styles and colors to fit into any home design.

Accessory 2: A mirror is another essential accessory you should consider installing in the bathroom. Nevertheless, not every mirror is fit for a bathroom setting. Hence, choosing the right mirror, which does not form fog, is paramount. Besides giving you a nice view of yourself while going about your business, it accentuates the entire room. In addition, it makes a small bathroom to appear voluminous. A lovely designed framed mirror, will add some character to the walls. 

Accessory 3: Faucets and sinks are other bathroom accessories, which work wonders for the interiors of any bathroom. Sinks come in various shapes, sizes and in different materials. Ceramic sinks work best in bathroom. This is because, they are easy to maintain and their look is timeless. Today, faucets are also coming in various designs. A unique faucet will do more than just dispense water. For instance, lead-lined faucets are popular modern bathroom accessories. The thought of having blue water coming from a tap is overwhelming.

Accessory 4: Tissue holders make it easier for you to access the tissue paper. However, that is not all; they add some beauty to the rest of the décor. You can get them in wood or metallic materials to match the rest of the design plan. Other accessories that will make your small room of pleasure, to stand out are vases. These can be placed on the countertops with fresh flowers. 

Accessory 5: Lastly, the bathtubs and showerheads are handy accessories in a bathroom.  You can install chrome hardware around the bathtub or better still line it with marble – if you can afford it. Showerheads can also create a magnificent effect in the bathroom, if chosen right.

Overall, bathroom accessories can help you to make your bathroom be the haven you want. It is one home improvement project, which costs less, but will still create a great effect on the décor in the end.

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