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Things Very Few People Know About Folding Arm Awnings

Things Very Few People Know About Folding Arm Awnings


An outdoor space is only useful to the property owner if there is a proper shade over it. A folding arm awning is a really versatile option that can add style along with functionality to any outdoor spaces and increase their usability. Apart from making the most of outdoor spaces, folding arm awning are also used to provide additional shade to a door or a window. People use folding arm awning for many other applications like covering an entire pool area, making a retractable carport, extending the roof of an existing patio, creating an outdoor dining or entertainment space or any such other purposes.

There are 3 types of folding arm awning to choose from according to the requirement of the space:

1. Full cassette folding arm awning: This type is a folding arm awning which is completely enclosed by a head box and a metal bottom bar when it is retracted.

2.Semi cassette folding arm awning: This type of folding arm awning has a ¾ cassette that contains the fabric as well as the awning.

3. Standard folding arm awning: This the folding arm awning that uses only a basic folding arm design and there is no cassette or head box attached to it. This way, the fabric and the rest of the components are exposed to the surrounding atmosphere.

Folding arm awnings have a lot of advantages but apart from that, there are some hidden benefits. Now that you know what are the applications and benefits of folding arm awnings, here are some things most people don’t know but should about it:

They reduce heat in the interiors even when installed in the outdoors: Everyone knows that the folding arm awning fabrics are so made that the area under the shade does not get heated due to heat. But what most people are unaware of is that the fabrics are UV resistant as well. Thus the windows or doors with folding arm awning over it block the solar radiation penetration your house and reduce the heat in the interiors by 70%. The folding arm awnings are such excellent UV rays blockers that they actually block 98% of the harmful UV rays.

1. They reduce your electricity bill: The folding arm awnings block the sun rays penetrating into the house and prevent the interiors from heating up more. Thus lesser energy is consumed by the air conditioners and thus it saves you electricity. Though it may appear to be a minimal change but you have no idea how huge an effect it has on your electricity bills.

2. They can be fitted to almost anything and anywhere: Folding arm awnings are available with a wide range of attachment brackets and so patio or window folding arm awnings can be fitted to anything, even to angled windows, circular windows, triangular windows or any overhead structure. They can also have a  variety of variable pitch controls in order to adjust the angle of the awning to suit any requirements. Also, these awnings are available in a huge array of shades and colours. So they can match any design and surrounding.  

3. Folding arm awnings are capable of covering even large areas: As folding arm awnings are prominently used as shades over doors and windows, most people don’t have the idea of the capability of folding arm awnings to cover large areas. Guess what? A folding arm awning can cover space as wide as 18 meters.

So there you have it - who knew these folding arm awnings could be this awesome. Well they are. All these benefits come with the topmost benefit that they are available in almost all colors and shades. So you can choose the right colors and designs and get the folding arm awnings to be ornamental to the curb appeal of your beautiful home.

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