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Managing Home Security with a Roommate

Managing Home Security with a Roommate

When you live alone or you are the family head, deciding on the right security system, is not as problem. However, where you are living in an apartment with a roommate, you need to do some compromises, when you are considering installing a home security system.  There is the budget to split, security options to decide on, and regular home securing habits to maintain. This means is not an easy task to handle home security with a roommate. All the same, it is possible to secure your assets and those of your roommate.

Common problems, which arise when handling security issues with your roommate, may include:

•    The roommate may have a different schedule. Chances are that they may move in and out of the apartment at varying times of the day. This makes the house more vulnerable, since in the process, they can live the door open. The only advantage is that, there is possibility of someone being home, for the better part of the day.

•    Some roommates are unwilling to foot for the security system installation. Since, most security devices are relatively expensive; it will be hard to afford it.  Even if you buy it, the roommate is likely to be uncooperative as far as the maintenance of the security system is concerned.

•    Other issues will certainly come up such as signing of contracts. For instance, you need to discuss about the person, who will be written as the owner of the security system. In addition, there is also the discussion about who will be left with the security devices, when you finally move house or apartment.

How can you solve such problems?

While managing home security with a roommate is nearly impossible, you can do a few things, to get to a common ground. To begin with, discuss about security system installation for your apartment, in an environment, which is open and one that allows for honesty. Discuss all the concerns related to your apartment. It can start with simple issues such as encouraging each other to remember to close the doors and windows at all times, when nobody is at home.

If you want to install a security system, outline all the options available and the amount of money, each will be paying. In addition, discuss about who will be left with system upon moving. This will solve you many disagreements, when you will be separating. Assess also the area you live, to gauge is crime rate. This way, you can get a security system, which will be able to address that particular threat. You should make sure everybody agrees with the option chosen. It is important to put the right measures to ensure maximum security. For instance, it is your duty to lock the doors and windows to prevent thieves from getting into the house. You may also agree not to allow people of strange behavior to come to the apartment. Having a roommate may sound great and in particular, when you are cost sharing but security can be a challenge. However, ensure to discuss among each other the best and affordable security options, there are and join hands to protect your assets from burglars. It is possible to manage home security with a roommate.

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