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Maintaining your Home Security without Alarms

Maintaining your Home Security without Alarms

It is paramount to feel comfortable and safe in your home. There are different ways of securing your property that are rather expensive.  Not every homeowner can afford some of these security systems. Most people cannot understand how you can achieve optimum home security without alarms. It is true you can secure your home, without investing large chunks of money, if you apply the following measures:

•    Install enough locks on your doors- Thieves love it the easier way, hence, a door with a few fortifying features will easily give in to a break-in. You might not have sensors on your door, to alert you when a thief gets near it, but if you install adequate locks, they will be discouraged.  For all exterior doors, deadbolt locks have never disappointed and are yet to.

•    Hide your spare key in a safe place- If you have an extra key, consider hiding it in a secure place. That said, the spare key should not be placed anywhere near the mat or the door frame.

•    Insert rods under the sliding doors tracks- The rods will prevent the door from opening, when an intruder tries to gain entry. This will ensure home security without alarms.

•    Place a long road between the knob and the floor- This will come in handy, when you are indoors and an intruder attempts to open the door from outside.

•    Set one interior lamp on a timer such that it lights on and off, anytime you are out of home. Thieves like it when you are not at home, since it gives them all the time they need to carry all the valuables, they can get their hands on. Hence, by leaving the lights on, the property will appear as if there is somebody, hence, deterring potential thieves.

•    Consider licensed weapons- If you want to ensure home security without alarms, you will need to have physical weapons, to protect yourself from burglars, of they get to break in. Some of the basic weapons you may have in your house include sticks and baseball bats. Firearms are also perfect, but you should be aware of the risks they pose. Furthermore, you need to be licensed to own one. You need also to take some training beforehand.

•    Put some tape on your doors and windows- This will tell you if somebody was trying to open your doors and windows. In most cases, if somebody has made it a habit to sneak into your home, they are likely to do it again. With time, you will catch them in the act.

•    Consider getting a security dog- A security dog, will take care of your home when you are not around.  Their barking and the possibility of them biting a person, is enough deterrent for potential thieves.

It is possible to have home security without alarms, but you have to keep your eyes and ears open. The above measures can also help you a lot, in keeping intruders and burglars at bay.

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