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Home Security Keys Safety Tips

Home Security Keys Safety Tips

If your security system requires a key entry, you must be very careful how you manage and store your keys. It will be a total waste to have the best locking mechanism in place and leave keys; somewhere the burglar will access them. It is justifiable to leave your keys at home, considering your family members, may not have a copy of the keys. However, it might compromise the effectiveness of your security system. Thieves have gone a notch higher to learn about, the areas where you are likely to hide keys. Hence, to make sure your home security keys’ safety is not threatened, here are some dos and don’ts:

1.    Do not place your keys under the welcome mat- It might seem as the safest place, but it is also the first place burglars, will look into. By placing the keys under the mat, you will be giving the thieves a leeway to your home. If you must leave your keys at home, ensure it is not anywhere near the entrance.

2.    Choosing the wrong key- The best key should work appropriately, with your type of door. Ensure that the key blends perfectly with the locking mechanism. This ensures that a burglar does not find their way to your house easily.

3.    Carry keys with your purse or book bag- Here they will hardly get lost and even if they fall, you are likely to hear since they are in a bunch.  All the same, do not place the bag or the purse, just anywhere since a person with bad intentions, may use the opportunity to make a copy out of your keys.

4.    Avoid carrying your keys in your pocket- If you want to maintain your home security keys’ safety, you have to start by taking care of your keys. Hanging your keys from your pants’ hook, will only expose your home to be potential thieves. In addition, you are likely to forget them and you can end up closing yourself out.

5.    Have a second copy of the key- This will come in handy, if you lose your keys. However, do not just keep them anywhere. Your house is the last place, your copy key should be, after all, it is meant for emergency cases. To be on the safe side, you can give it to your trusted neighbor or a friend who lives nearby. This way, you will be able to access the key, when need arises.

6.    Gather all your keys in one large bunch. This will ensure that they do not get lost.  It is easier to lose a single key than a bunch of keys, since you will hear immediately they fall down. Furthermore, if you misplace them, it will be easier to find them.

To ensure home security keys’ safety, the following tips will help you a great deal.  It will be useless, to have an expensive security system in place and then, keep your keys open to strangers. If at all, you cannot manage your key, consider investing a keyless entry system.

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