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GSM Alarm System Basics

GSM Alarm System Basics

The GSM alarm system is very apt as it can run on either SIM card or wired telephone line. Hybrid alarm systems have zones that are categorized and hardwired or wireless thus making it easier to use the GSM security option. Using advanced options such as doorbell, zone attribute, event log and more.

How it Works

The GSM alarm system can play a huge role in protecting your property from fire, burglary, flood or break-in. If you are wondering how to go about it, just insert a SIM card and switch on the battery. Note that this security option runs on your preferred mobile network. The minute this system detects danger such as burglary intrusion, flooding, fire or any other form of emergency, the GSM alarm system triggers the alarm, which automatically auto dials any pre-stored number in the alarm. The sensors or accessories such as those on the door and the panic button are proactive at working the alarm in case of an emergency.

The alarm phones or texts up to five of the provided numbers within the alarm list until it gets a response. The GSM alarm system has a great advantage over the basic fixed phone alarm as it ensures that the owner is always updated on the current security situation at home or the workplace regardless of his location. This means that even when you are in another state or country, you can receive security updates regarding your property simply via a text or a phone call. In the event of a burglary attack and telephone disconnection, the GSM alarm system is not breached or tampered. This is possible as the GSM is not dependant on a fixed phone line. As such, this option is excellent in areas where it is difficult to find a fixed telephone line, and the fact that it is easy to install makes it an excellent option. You do not have to be tech savvy to operate or comprehend the operation of the GSM security option.

Frequencies of the GSM Alarm System

Usually, this alarm system runs on four various frequencies or bands that range depending on your location. For instance, North America relies on the 850/1900 MHz while in South America; this depends on one country to another. On the other hand, some GSM alarm systems are compatible in not only the U.S. but also in Europe. Many consumers would like to get clarity on the connection type and while the 3G connection is a standard option among mobile operators, the GSM Wireless option does not transmit or use data, and a 3G is not really a prerequisite. Whether you are using a 2G or a 3G, the GSM alarms will run as normal by sending a text or making phone calls on your network of choice. Many property owners prioritize security and are willing to go into great extents to ensure that they guard what they have worked for. The GSM alarm system provides you with security updates as convenient as you would wish.

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