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Here is the Secret to Having Streak-Free Windows

Here is the Secret to Having Streak-Free Windows

Sparkling windows are every homeowner’s dream, but unsightly streaks can get in the way and spoil everything. The spraying, wiping and reaching in the name of cleaning windows can sometimes get a tad frustrating if you fall short of the right products and tools to eliminate streak. This does not have to be the case anymore. Once grime settles on your window, you will go to any lengths to ensure that you achieve excellent cleaning. 

Here is how to have that streak-free window: 

1. Use distilled water

Most homeowners make the mistake of using just any water. This is a big mistake because water content makes all the difference. Hard water can really get in the way of a streak-free outcome. Nothing cleans windows better than distilled water as tap water is laden with chemicals and can leave traces of streaks on your windows. 

2. Use Vinegar

You can never go wrong with white vinegar on the windows as it proactively wipes off any hideous marks and gives a sparkling result on your window. The beauty about white vinegar is that it is affordable and easily available. Add a cupful of vinegar in a significant amount of water and spray the windows with the solution, let it stay for a while and wipe it off with a non-fluffy cloth. 

3. Go Easy on Suds

Suds can really derail you when all you are trying to do is to create streak free windows. The good white vinegar can really save the day and wash away any signs of streak. Note that you do not have to use a lot of soap to get the windows clean, as this will only leave a hound of residue on the windows. Sadly, most homeowners make this one mistake all the time. Always remember that when it comes to suds, less is more. 

4. Avoid using Paper Towels

Paper towels can be nasty and can leave a trail of residue on the windows, especially if they are fluffy. If you must use paper towels, a microfiber cloth does an excellent job in ensuring that your window does not have any streaks. A squeegee and a bunch of newspaper also does an excellent job at wiping off streaks. So the next time you are done with your morning read, do not trash it just yet. Always wear rubber gloves as ink can spread all over the place. 

5. Do not Forget to Buff the Windows

Use a microfiber or a chamois cloth to buff your windows once you are done cleaning. A quick buff ensures that you do not have to deal with nasty disappointment. 

What you need to have that streak-free window

• Glass cleaner; you do not have to use white vinegar, there are hundreds of other cleaning products

• Rubbing alcohol is the secret to sparkling windows

• A micro-fiber flat-weave towel will clear the streaks without leaving debris that come with fluffy towels

• A cotton pad is ideal for wiping off the rubbing alcohol

Note that windows should be cleaned when it is all cloudy, as the sun tends to dry the windows and hence creating unsightly streak marks. If you give your client this information, they will keep coming to you with interior and exterior design jobs.

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