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Custom Building Your Own Home Entertainment

Custom Building Your Own Home Entertainment

A beautiful, sleek entertainment center can be the centerpiece of your living room, family room, or basement TV area. Sometimes these sets can cost thousands of dollars, but they don’t have to. You also don’t have to resign yourself to a cheap model found in big box stores. Making a sturdy, pretty entertainment center can be done in one weekend and can be personalized to match any style of décor. You don’t need many tools and maybe just need someone to help with installation and then to share a movie or some video games with after your entertainment center is in place.


Gathering Supplies for a Wooden Center

For a wooden unit, you will need a sturdy wood, such as red oak or white ash. You’ll also need a stud finder, screws, and wood stain in the color that you desire. From there, the design is up to you, but you will need to calculate the amount of shelves you’ll need to hold your video game consoles or DVD players, leaving enough room for trinkets and other decorative items you might want to add. Wood is more of a warm and homey sort of material. Make sure that any wall units are attached to studs.


How to do a Metal Unit

If you want to go with metal, you can buy any number of metal shelving units at any hardware store and rearrange them in any number of configurations that suit your needs. Often, you can get a metal in traditional silver tone, or you can get it in black. Metal is a more modern sort of material and has the added benefit of being slotted for keeping electronics cool.


Design Ideas

A full shelving unit that travels up the walls and frames your television can be wonderful because it adds extra storage for electronics and knick knacks and can add so much to a room. Another option would be a long shelf that sits under the TV with doors to hide the electronic accessories, which means you’ll need to drill holes in the back to allow cords to drop through.


Metal shelves can also flank the TV or run under it, and typically can’t have doors added, so you can use canvas storage containers for decoration and concealing, or electronics can sit out to create a chic minimal look.


After everything is securely installed and/or set up to your liking, the completion is up to you. You can add as many trinkets you want, flank it with DVDs, or keep it bare and clean depending on your personal preferences. It’s incredibly fun and exciting to know that something you created yourself is now the centerpiece of your home and you didn’t have to drain your bank account in the process. You can now enjoy movies while also enjoying the fruits of your labor. Friends and family will be impressed and you’ll be proud with yourself every time you enter your living room.

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