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Using a DIY facility to wash your dog

Using a DIY facility to wash your dog

Are you tired of cleaning up the mess after washing your dog? Learn more about DIY dog washing facilities where you do not have to worry about cleaning after washing your dog.
Washing your dog at home means that you have to clean the mess afterwards. There is water to be wiped and the tub needs cleaning. The DIY dog washing facilities take away all the afterwards cleaning hassles because all you need to do is clean your dog and someone else will clean the mess. The facility is in between having your dog cleaned by a groomer, which is expensive, and doing your own cleaning at home. It provides a place to use professional cleaning equipment and supplies to wash your dog.

The facility should have:

•    A clean wash station with no dirt and dog hair from other dogs.
•    Raised dog tubs for all dog sizes.
•    Grooming tools that are clean such as nail trimmers, combs, brushes, and ear cleaning kit and coat scrubbers.
•    Your waterproof apron and clean towels for wiping the dog.
•    Different types of shampoos and conditioners for you to choose the one appropriate for your dog.
•    A staff member for consultation and for providing guidance on the use of the washing equipment.

Using the facility

When you get to the facility, make sure that the dog remains on the leash and it is under your care at all times.
•    Cover yourself up using a waterproof apron to prevent your clothes from getting water as you wash the dog.
•    Lead the dog to the bathing tub and tie the dog’s leash at one of the provided anchors. This will ensure that the dog stays in place when you are washing it.
•    Check, whether the dog’s fur has matting. If it has, it should be removed before the washing.
•    Ensure that the temperature of the water on the sprayer is warm and not hot.
•    Wet the dog’s body thoroughly with the warm water from the hose. Make sure that every part of the dog’s body is wet.
•    Lather the shampoo gently on the pet’s body using your hands or a grooming mitt. Pay close attention to areas that are likely to be messy such as the tail and the paws and wash them thoroughly.
•    Once the dogs are clean, rinse out the shampoo and then apply the conditioner and rinse it.
•    Gently clean the outer area of the dog’s ears using an ear cleaner or cotton wipes.
•    Use a dry towel to dry off the pet by rubbing it gently on the dog. You can also dry it using hair dryers at low temperatures.

The DIY dog washing facilities have made it easy to clean your dog using professional equipments without worrying about the mess left behind. Pet supply stores and dog groomers provide these facilities making it easy and cheap to clean your pet. They make bonding time with your pet during bath time to be more fun, enjoyable and affordable. Remember to reward your dog after washing it, if it had behaved well when being washed.

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