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Tips to Taking Great Pics of Your Pet

Tips to Taking Great Pics of Your Pet

When you take a photograph of someone, you are forever capturing a memory and special moment. Why shouldn't you stop at your family when it comes to taking those regular family photos? Include your pets so you can preserve their memories as well. You may think that trying to get a good shot of your pet can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Relax and have fun with it. Try out these tips for taking a great picture of your pet.

1) Identify an adequate origin of natural light. If you are shooting indoors, have your pet near a large window. Try not to use the flash on your camera as it tends to cause red-eye. When you use a natural lighting, it will come out better.

2) Make use of a tripod so you can focus more on your pet and less on steadying yourself for a longer period of time. You have to remain patient in order to get some great photos, as pets tend to be more excitable and unpredictable than people.

3) Remove any distractions in the area where you will be taking your pet's photo. Do not have other people or animals in the room, as they can prove to be serious disturbances. Your pet will have an easier time remaining calm if the noises and sights are limited.

4) If you are having a difficult time in getting your pet to look towards the camera, try to hold a treat or even a toy to pull draw attention towards you. You will find it to be a lot easier for your pet to look in your direction if you have something enticing.

5) If you have taken a lot of photos of your pet and still are not happy with the results, you can always use computer programs to edit them. If the lighting didn't come out quite right, you will be able to adjust it in the editing program.

6) Take photos from different angles. People tend to stay standing and take a photo of their pets by just looking down on them. However, if you stoop down to their level you will get an entire new vision of your pets. Your photos will feel more intimate and characteristic of your pet when you employ this method.

7) Change the settings on your camera to the “burst” setting. This is a great way to take multiple shots at a time without having to actually press the button. This will enable you to get great shots of your pets when they are being active, such as playing in the yard. You would be surprised at the good quality of your pictures when your pet is in a playful mood.

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