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The Ambiguous Discovery: How to Help You Cat Lose Weight

The Ambiguous Discovery: How to Help You Cat Lose Weight

Cats, unlike dogs, pose a challenge when it comes to losing weight. Dogs can always go for walks, but cats do not at all. Despite that fact, the cats sometimes need to lose weight. Then how can we assist cats to lose weight?

The first step is to realize the categories of cats. The categories depend on their eating habits. There are those that hunt for their food, but not overeat. Another category is always hungry and can never get enough. Do check what the cats eat because even a little amount of food can cause significant health problems. An example of such a health problem is diabetes. If the cat contracts such a health problem, its life span will be shortened.

In order to avoid the trauma associated with dieting, we need to be sneak at times. This will help you in changing a cat that is always hungry for food at 3am to one that doesn't understand why there is no food when it demands. With the ideas we present here, we hope that your cat to lose weight with minimal stress.

1. You will first work out the amount of calories you cat needs. Multiply the weight of the cat by 30 and then add 70. For example, if the cat is 5kg, this would give 220. Multiply the result by 0.8, which give 176 calories per day. Therefore, if the cat eats less than the amount got from the calculations, it will lose weight. If the cat eats more than this, it will gain weight. In other words, from the packet of the food you buy, you can establish the amount of calories. Always give the pet 15% less of the food for it to gain weight.

2.  When feeding the cat, put the cat's dry food in a treat ball or dispenser. The cat will have to eat at a slower rate. It will also increase his exercise.

3.  Hide the cat's food around the house or scatter it on the floor. This will make the cat hunt the food itself.

4. Add more water to your cat's food. This will enable the cat to remain hydrated and fill it up. This can be done with both wet and dry food.

5. You should also feed the cat in small intervals of time, at least seven times a day. This will help increase satiety.

6. Give your cat more of wet food than dry food. Wet food has fewer calories because it is 80% water. Most dry foods do contain 400 calories per cup while a cat only needs around 200 calories per day.

7. Take ten minute per day to play with your cat. Use a lancer or toy that can make the cat jump, pounce or dart.

8. With the use of an automatic feeder, you can spread small quantities of food throughout the day especially for cats that always ask for food.

9. Avoid Pet meats and mince that because they contain dangerous sulfur preservatives. Kangaroo meet is more recommended. Raw chicken neck is also great for your cat's teeth.  

10. For dry food fiend cats, give a diet pet foods because they are usually higher in fiber and protein. In other words, in all food you give to your cat consider those with more proteins and water.

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