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Organizing Your Pet's Items

Organizing Your Pet's Items

If you tend to misplace your pet's supplies, such as their brush or nail clippers, you should create an organizational method and stick with it. You don't have to go crazy and complicate the task. Simply divide your pet's items into different categories and work from there. When you have placed each item into their respective category, you can then move on to how you are going to organize them.

1) Put your pet's toys in one area. If your pet doesn't destroy his/her toys immediately after getting them, then they tend to accumulate as the years go by. To keep from having all of the toys scattered all throughout the house, get a container that will fit all of the toys. Keep the container in an area where your pet can get to it easily.

2) All pets have important paperwork and veterinarian records that you need to keep. You should place all of those items into a binder so they are in one place and easy to find when you need them. You can even create different sections in the binder, such as medications, shots and registration papers.

3) Place all of the supplies needed to groom your pet in one container. In this container, you can keep their brushes, combs and nail clippers. Also place any shampoos and flea medicines in this container. You can then keep this container in the area where you generally groom your pet, like in your bathroom or on an enclosed porch. That way, next time you want to brush your pet, you will know where the utensil is right away.

4) Make a walking station near a doorway in order to organize and keep track of all items needed when you take your dog for a walk. Place leashes and harnesses here, possibly neatly hanging on a hook. In this same area, make a space for doggie bags to clean up after they do their business outside. If you dress your dog, this will also be a great area to keep their outdoor sweater or coat.

5) Find an area in your home that you can put your pet's food and water dishes that is out of the way of constant traffic. You don't want to always be tripping over the bowls. If it is convenient, you can keep them in the kitchen, as long as they don't interfere with the everyday flow. Another good place to keep the food bowls would be in the laundry room, if it is in a convenient location in your home. Near the food and water dishes, place the dry pet food in airtight containers or bags that are well closed. If you feed your pet canned food, you can simply stack the cans in a neat manner.

Once you get this organizational method down, it will be easy to maintain along the way. Your life and home will feel less cluttered and messy when you know where all of your pet's items are located. Your pet will even be happier in knowing where to find his/her toys and always having a routine when you take your dog for a walk.

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