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Keep A Pet Bird Happy With Do It Yourself Toys

Keep A Pet Bird Happy With Do It Yourself Toys

No pet bird likes to be kept cooped up in a cage all day long with nothing to do. Toys keep a bird amused, prevent boredom, and keep his mind active. But keeping a bird happy with toys can soon strain a bird-lover’s budget. When that happens, the answer is do-it-yourself toys. Creating your own bird toys can save a lot of money and satisfy your bird’s need for activity and stimulation.

Matching A Toy To A Bird

Birds, like people, are individuals. What one bird may like, another bird may hate. It may take time and practice to figure out what your bird likes to play with. And birds can change their mind about what kind of toys they enjoy. A favorite toy one week may be ignored the next.

Not every toy is appropriate for every bird. A toy for a small bird can be harmful to a large one. A big bird can take apart a small toy and possibly choke on the parts. Small birds will also have no interest in large-bird toys.Know what toys are best for your bird by researching how his species behaves in the wild. There are good books available on bird species from places like Baron’s publishing. 

When creating a toy, make sure it has no sharp edges. Watch out for parts of a toy that can break easily and be swallowed. Anything metal for a bird should only be made from stainless steel or aluminum, as other metals are toxic to birds. If you’re looking for a wood toy for your bird to chew on, make sure that the wood is bird-safe. You can search the Internet for lists of bird-safe wood, or check with your local veterinarian.

Types Of Toys For Your Bird

Different types of toys satisfy different needs for your bird. Here are some examples of bird toys:

    •    Foraging toys are toys that make your bird work for his food, as he would need to if he were in the wild. Some ideas for foraging toys include hiding toys in egg cartons or hiding toys in brown paper bags.
    •    Preening toys, like ropes, can keep a bird from over preening from stress. One easy preening toy you can make is tying together a bunch of molted feathers from your bird and hanging it in his cage. 
    •    Shredding toys — toys that can be shredded by a bird’s beak – can also keep a bird mentally active.  Plain or colored paper is a good shredding toy to keep a bird busy.
    •    Chew toys help a pet bird exercise his beak and jaw muscles. One inexpensive chew toy is a clean and dry wooden Popsicle stick. 
    •    Exercise toys encourage physical activity. You can use PVC pipe to make a bird gym where your bird can climb, or make several perches for your bird to jump to and swing on.
With a little research and some imagination, your bird will have plenty of toys to keep him happy.

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