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Homemade meal for the cat

Homemade meal for the cat

Different reasons may lead you to make meals for your cat such as the safety of commercially made food if you fear that it may be contaminated. The health of the cat may result to the need for homemade food in order to prevent risks such as urinary tract infections or heart disease. You may also want to give your cat home meals so that you can control the ingredients used. Whatever your reasons, the first thing you should do is to know the nutritional needs of your cat. Know the nutrients they require and from which foods. You can also consult with a veterinarian or a certified nutritionist before making the diet. Show the vet the recipes you intend to use to ensure that the cat will be getting a balanced diet.

Nutrients required in the cats foods

Make sure that the meals you will be preparing for the cat has all the nutrients the cat requires. Essential foods that you should include are:

Proteins: Cats should take animal proteins such as beef, turkey and fish. The nutrients present in the animal meat and that are suitable for the cat are not in plants. Even if the vegetables have proteins, the cat cannot derive them when digesting.
Fats: include fats such as omega fats that are found in meat.
Minerals and vitamins: The cat’s strength in bones and teeth depends on minerals and vitamins. They also keep the body of the cat strong. You should provide these in moderate amounts because too much or too little is harmful to the cat.
Water: A cat needs to be hydrated, which means that its diet should include water. Dehydration can affect the health of the cat.

Caution when giving the cat raw food and vegetarian diet

As a cat owner, you may prefer giving it homemade meals in form of raw food   to mimic its natural world. However, this carries the risk of exposing the cat to bacterial such as salmonella. You should take caution when giving the cat raw meals.

In case you intend to give the cat a vegetarian diet, you should note that cats are carnivorous by nature and they need a diet that contains meat. This is because cats thrive on the amino acids that are in meats and they need nutrients such as vitamin A and taurine that are found in meat. Therefore, they need meat in their diet. A vegetarian diet is not healthy for a cat because it is denied some essential vitamins and nutrients.

Using supplements for homemade food

In case you find that the homemade food is lacking some nutrients, you can give the cat supplements to bridge the gap. Make sure that you give the right amount, because too much or too little can be harmful to the cat. For instance, you may give the cat omega 3 supplements if it does not get enough from the diet. As you introduce homemade meals to your cat, it may take time to adapt to it. Give it time and it will come around.

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