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Having a Pet Friendly Home

Having a Pet Friendly Home

You should be considerate about your pet when planning your home to keep the pet happy and safe. This is because pets also deserve comfortable and safe home and they require time and attention. The homes should be built with pets in mind and not as an afterthought. Think of the pets needs as you plan your home. For instance, how your elderly dog can be comfortable in your storied home. There have been cases of pets being exposed to hazards and toxics due to lack of consideration.
To know the kind of harm your pet may be exposed to, put yourself in your pet’s shoes. You can even get to your fours and look around. Assess the areas that the pet can access for possible dangers. Some of the dangers may be in electrocution, suffocation, strangulation and choking. Make sure that the cords from the windows are short and the pet cannot reach them. Cover or unplug electrical cords and wires.
Keep medication and human foods where the pets cannot reach them. Get rid of ladders, which the pets can use to get to tabletops and countertops. Dispose of trash so that the pets do not rummage it. Reduce trash odor using baking soda and tight lid. Items from trash can be hazardous to the pet such as choking and toxics from fruit seeds.
Have pet safe indoor plants. Some of the toxic plants include aloe Vera and amaryllis. Latch the cupboards shut especially if they have detergents and pesticides. Keep the lid of the toilet down to prevent the pets from drowning or poisoning. Ensure the windows have properly installed and sturdy screens to prevent cats from falling.
Create a space for the pets to prevent them from going to unwanted spaces. You should have a place, which is hazard free with toys, a cozy bed and a water source. For the pets to have enough exercise, you can create a pet area with an access door to a fenced yard where they can go as they please. Place the litter box in a private area for the pet to feel comfortable.
Use fabrics that are easy to care such as ultra suede or leather. Carpet may not be the best in houses with pests. If the carpets have to be there, choose color matching your pets. Light dogs can do with hardwood floors and for heavier dogs, ceramic tiles.
If you will allow the pets into the yard, ensure that it is pet safe. Prevent ticks and fleas and establish if you need to include additional structures and invisible fences on the yard. Identify plants that may be toxic to pets such as daffodils, azaeleas, ivies and some ferns and remove them. Use pet friendly plants such as catnip and bamboo.
Before binging small pets home such as hamsters and rabbits, remember that they are more fragile than the bigger pets such as dogs and cats. Know what they need. For instance a hamster will need a cage and you will need to close all the vents in case you have a rabbit. Where you place the birds cage is important, away from radiators and windows and the cages need to be make in a particular way.

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