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How to Add Pizzazz to your Home with Curtains

How to Add Pizzazz to your Home with Curtains

Although window treatments including shades, valences and curtains, are the last one to be added to a room, they make an awesome statement.  In most instances, the window becomes the focal point of every room; hence, whatever curtain you place on them dictates the mood of the entire space.  Besides, adding some beauty, they also act in sheltering the components of the room, from direct sunlight, while allowing some light to filter in.  Curtains also add some warmth to the room and especially during the cold months. Here is how you can decorate each room in your home with curtains.

Let us start with the bedroom; this is your haven after a rough day at work. Hence, it must be decorated to appeal and offer the comfort that you need.  Placing curtains behind the bed’s headboard makes it a point of interest. However, ensure that the material you choose marries with the room’s décor.  For a formal bedroom, silk, satin or velvet will be excellent options.  Fabric adds softness into the room and collects all the murmurs that you make in there. In addition, choose darker colors to prevent peeping toms. In the dining room, it is fine, if you install wall-to-wall curtains.  Use satin or velvet to give the room a sophisticated look.  Where satin is your choice, its capability to reflect light will merge well with glaring dining room chandelier. If you are not working with a budget, you can consider bringing in metallic curtains. They too work excellently with chandeliers, making the room to look elegant and inviting.  However, choose a color that will go well with the furniture and anything else there in.

Most of us spend a lot of time in living rooms and it is where we entertain guests. Therefore, it should look nothing but the best. Curtains here should not only be on the windows but also behind sofas to create a soft background.  Where your seats carry some patterns, choose one color and coordinate it with the curtains.  Overall, avoid using patterned curtains if the upholstery on your seats, also features patterns. If a room has only one window, it is possible to create a false window with curtains. You only need to hang a curtain on the place, where the other window should have been. This will create balance on that wall. To ensure that nobody notices that one of the windows is pseudo, use blinders to shelter out sunrays. This way, each of the curtains will look the same.  Remember to hang curtains slightly above the window frame, to make the walls to appear taller.

To sum up, while hanging curtains you will need some curtain rod or ceiling track system. The design and the material of the rod depend on the kind of curtains. There is variety of curtain hardware that you can employ, to help you while drawing the curtains. However, you should know that they also add some character to the curtain, hence you should select wisely. Curtains can accentuate your living space, you only need to gamble with the different colors and designs and in the end, and you will have transformed your house a great deal.

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