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Furniture Arrangement Tips for a Small Living Room

Furniture Arrangement Tips for a Small Living Room

Many people do not know what to do, if their living room is small. Some consider moving into a larger house, but this is uncalled for. That you have a limited space does not mean that you cannot enjoy an area that is large and comfortable. In most living areas, furniture takes much of space. Arranging your furniture is one-step towards achieving that spacious living room, which you have been dreaming off.   Below are some tips to make this a success.

First, consider furniture that carries a light color. Anything dark or having a full look will only make the room appear congested. Ensure to choose light-colored furniture that comes with legs. On the other hand, keep away from furniture, which is box-like or one that features a tall backrest. Legged seats do not obstruct your view and hence, give the illusion of an open space. Coffee tables with glass tops also seem to create more space, while adding some beauty into the living room.

Neutral colors have a way of pushing back the walls of any room. Using such shades in your small living room, will make it appear to have more space. Let your furnishings to carry a neutral hue and you will see how large your small room will get. This is mostly for large pieces, but you can mix matching them with small furnishings of different colors or styles. Most homeowners make the mistake of selecting their wall color, prior to purchasing furniture.  Ideally, you should first go for furniture and any other accent, then proceed to choose a paint that blends with them. This will ensure that you are not forced to repaint the wall, to marry with your furnishings.

To free more space, you will need to remove all the items, which are not in use. Another intelligent move is buying furniture, which is multi-purpose. For instance, a well-built ottoman can take the place of a coffee table. You can also use it as a place to write, hold a drink or to place your laptop. Use shelves and wall built-in cabinets for storage. Standalone cabinets are elegant and appealing, but they will leave no space. While selecting other items such as tables, consider additional storage compartments, which you can use to store your belongings. Nowadays, if your living room is small, you can use decorative TV stands or hoist your LED television on the wall, to save on the floor space. The stands are cheaper than investing in cabinets. Moreover, they take less space and can hold your TV set as well as your entertainment system.

Lastly, avoid round shaped furniture and instead for rectangular or square tables and the like. As you can see, it is possible to make that small living room to look as large as you would it to be, without using many resources. Sometimes all a room needs is great organization and removal of clutter. If you implement the above ideas, you will be able to free more space for you to move about and host your guests.

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