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DIY Tips to Help you Measure the Square Foot, and Square Yards in Your home

DIY Tips to Help you Measure the Square Foot, and Square Yards in Your home

One of the cheapest home decorating projects is to repaint the walls in your home. You can completely change the look and feel of a room by changing the colors on the walls. Most of us do not really know how much paint we need to buy so we either buy too little paint or have to go back to the store, or we buy too much and have a garage filled with extra paint from long ago projects.

The calculation to help you determine the amount of paint you need is to take the wall area, subtract 20 square feet per door if you are not painting the doors, and subtract 15 square feet for each window. Multiply that number by the number of coats you expect to apply and then divide that number by 350 square feet per gallon. 350 square feet is the normal coverage you can expect from a gallon of interior paint.

When painting walls on the exterior, or the interior of your home you should always use primer before you paint. Primer is cheaper than paint, and it helps to block any annoying stains from bleeding through and causing you to need additional coats of paint. Some of the new paints have primer included in them so they seem higher per gallon, but they are actually saving you because you do not have to buy paint, and primer.

When you are going to install new carpet into your house you need to determine the linear footage of carpet that you will need for the job. Carpeting comes in three basic widths. You can normally get is 12 feet wide, 13’6” wide, and 15 foot wide. You should measure the room, and if at all possible by carpeting that is the proper width for the room you are placing it in. You can use carpet that is too narrow by piecing two pieces together but when you start doing this you need to have a professional to make the seams for you.

The carpet sellers price carpet by the square yard. You have to convert the square foot of your room into square yards so that you know the right amount to buy. To get the square foot of a room you multiply the length of the room by the width. This will be the square foot. To convert the square footage into square yards you divide the number of square feet by 9. The answer will be the total number of square yards of carpet you need for the room. To calculate the price you simply multiply the price per yard by the number of yards that you need. You should also remember that when buying carpet you will also need to buy an equal amount of padding to go under the carpeting so figure this price in as well.

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