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DIY Tips on Installing New Hardware on your Doors

DIY Tips on Installing New Hardware on your Doors

Over the time door knobs can start to be hard to operate, the locks in them may begin to stick, or be hard to make function, and they often become tarnished, scuffed, or scratched. Sometimes you simply want to change the door knobs in order to change the look in the room. Whatever reason you have for changing door knobs this is actually a pretty easy job to do.

First, you have to shop for the new knobs. When you are shopping pay attention to the type of knobs, you are looking at. You can buy entry knobs that have locks in them, or privacy knobs that have a push button lock, or knobs designed for use on closets or rooms where you do not need a locking mechanism. Be certain that you are buying the type of knob you need for the door you are about to use it on.

When you buy the new door knobs the hardware to install these items will come in the package with them. This will include a new striker plate. The striker plate is the section of metal that goes on the section of door jamb facing the latch. This section is designed to catch the latch and hold it in place so that the door remains closed, and so that the knob becomes immobilized when the locking mechanism is engaged.

You remove the old door knobs and the old striker plate by loosening the screws holding them in place. The door knobs will come apart and one section goes through the hole in the door from each side of the door. Make sure you have the locking portion of the knob pointed to the correct side before you attach the two pieces to the door. 

When you are installing the new striker plate, you will attach it using the 2 screws provided in the package. Make certain that the rounded edge of your latch is pointed towards the striker plate. If you reverse the latch your striker plate will not catch the latch.

When you are installing the new striker plate, you might have to maneuver it up or down slightly from the indention left by the old striker plate. Loosely insert the 2 screws to hold the plate in position and check to see if it is going to need adjusting before you finish screwing the screws in tightly.

Some of the door knobs that have levers have left hand levers and some have right hand levers. You can easily change a left hand into a right hand by accessing and turning a small screw in the round portion of the door knob plate using the Allen wrench that the manufacturer will provide in the package for this purpose. This is a very easy process and can save you a lot of frustration.

Many times a door needs to have the hinges replaced because the hinges are causing the door to sag and the sag is what is stopping the door knob, or locking mechanism to not function properly. If this is the case, you will need to buy hinges separate from the door knob kits.

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