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DIY tips on dressing up windows with drapery panels

DIY tips on dressing up windows with drapery panels

Drapery panels provide a good way to decor a room and at the same time to provide privacy. Making the panels means that you will spend less money while getting the design that you want. Below are the steps you can take to make your own drapery panels for the windows to achieve the look you desire while spending less while at it. You will need to take measurements, cut the fabric and sew.

What you need
Tape measure
Sewing machine

You can make your drapery panels from different types of fabrics such as sheer and heavyweight. The fabrics have gathers or they are pleated. After completion, rings or hooks are used to attach them to the rods.

Take measurements

Measure the length and width of the window to determine how much fabric you will need and the size of the rod required. Buy and install the rod and hang it nearer to the ceiling instead of at the window top to give the room a taller appearance. Fabric needed depends on the type of panels you intend to install. For stationary panels, you will need fabric equivalent to one width of the window opening on each side. Panels that are fuller need more widths of fabric. Panels that will be drawn close need about two and a half times the width of the opening of the window to provide for the center overlap and sides return. For sheer fabric, the amount of fabric needed is five times the windows width in order to give that sensual look. When getting the fabric, remember to include in the measurements an allowance for header and hems.

Cut the fabric

The patterns of the fabric need to be matched before cutting. Cut the fabric the desired length and remember to add for bottom double hems and top fold over. Furthermore, cut the lining of the panels and its hems but make it narrower and shorter than the main fabric.

Sew the fabric

Sew the fabric and the lining together and hem. To sew the drapery heading and side seams, lay the sewn fabric and lining with the right side facing each other. After you are through sewing, turn them right sides out, lay them flat and iron. Once you have hemmed the bottom, sides and the top heading of the panels, sew the channel that will be used to slide into a rod. Remember to iron the seams and edges to give the drapery panels a crisp look. Now the panels are ready for hanging. You may use clip rings, which you should space evenly at the top and thread them onto the rod. Clip the rings on the panels and hung on the road. Adjust the panel’s height until you get what you desire. You may leave the panels to hit the floor or to leave a puddle. To finish up, remove the panels from the rods and trim the area with the allowances at the top. Iron the panels and sew the top and the bottom parts of the panels. The panels are now complete and ready to hang on the windows to give your room that sophisticated look.

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