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DIY Tips for Creating Things for your Home out of Trash

DIY Tips for Creating Things for your Home out of Trash

While everyone is talking about “going green” and saving the planet; most people are still discarding objects that could be repurposed and put to a good use. From kitchen trash, to discards from construction companies, you can find items that are still useful, just in a new way.

Have you ever considered what happens to all of the old tires that are thrown away each year? You could actually make a countertop out of an old tire. Take the tire and clean it thoroughly, and then get all of the water out of it. Then you need to paint the tire whatever color you desire. We do not suggest leaving the tire unpainted, even if you want the natural black color, because the black from tires can be transferred to hands and clothing. You will then cut a piece of 3/4” plywood to fit inside the ring of the tire. You will need to cut a slit in what will be the bottom section of the tire so that you can fit the board into it. You will need to apply silicone caulking around the edges of the plywood to hold this in place. Then you will cut a hole in the center of the plywood for the pedestal section of a pedestal style bathroom sink to fit through. You need to take a rubber mat and cut it so that it is slightly larger than the upper hole of the tire. When you insert the sink you want it to be level with the upper portion of the inner tire circle. You will need to use paintable silicone caulk to attach the rubber mat to the tire. This style of bathroom sink looks adorable in body shops, automotive stores, and in the home bathrooms of car enthusiasts, or the bathroom of any teenage boy.

You can use concrete blocks, or cinder blocks, to build bookshelves, entertainment centers, and many other items in your home. These concrete blocks can be painted and stood on their end so that the holes in them are directly opposite one another. You can then insert boards using the holes in the blocks to hold the boards in place. You will have an instant set of bookshelves that cost very little money.

The round spools that electrical wire comes on can be repurposed to be tables for interior or exterior home decoration. These spools are used by electric companies are usually thrown away as trash. You can speak to your electric company and ask them for one of their spools when one becomes available. To create a table from the spool you will want to clean it thoroughly and then paint it. It is best if you seal the paint with a protectant or clear coat. You can also take two of the spools and paint them, then set them on end and put a stop behind them so they cannot roll. Place a board between them, using the middle section of the spindle to hold the board in place and you have a unique chair.

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