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DIY Tips for Bathroom Renovations

DIY Tips for Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is the most frequently visited room in your home. Everyone uses it, you cannot put a do not enter sign on it, and it is often the most neglected room when it comes to renovations. The following tips and ideas may inspire you to create a bathroom that is unique, and adorable.

Large renovations like changing out a tub for a shower, or getting a new tub, can require professionals like plumbers, electricians, drywall experts, and painters. Consider buying a tub surround kit and replacing your tub surround when your room needs an uplift.

Changing the shower curtain that you have for sliding glass doors can give the room an entirely new look. You need to carefully measure your tub, or shower, and then go shopping for glass doors that will fit the area you have. Pay attention to the way the doors will mount on the tub so that you get a set that is compatible with the bathroom furnishings that you have.

For an elegant look in a bathroom you can replace your existing vanity with an antique looking dresser. You cut a hole in the top of the dresser to accommodate the bathroom sink, and you will have a unique vanity that looks elegant. You do not actually have to use an antique dresser to make this renovation. You can take an inexpensive dresser that you find at a garage sale and paint it to look antique. One method of painting a piece of furniture to make it look like an antique is to distress the wood. You can strike the wood with a small piece of chain and that will leave indentures that make the item appear older than it is.

You can buy custom roller shades or Roman shades to give the room a unique look. You can hang a clear plastic shower curtain over your tub opening and then hang a customized Roman shade in front of the curtain to create a unique look. You will keep the shade closed and when guests enter the bath they will be amazed by the beauty and elegance of the room. You can also buy a Roman shade in the right size to replace the door in front of a bathroom closet, or the cabinet doors. These shades can make the room look more elegant, or you can make them fun, and joyful.

Print some of your favorite pictures and use them to create art work for the walls. You can also take pages from a newspaper, or pictures from magazines and use them as wall paper. You apply a thin glue to the back of the picture, or paper, so that it stays in position while you are preparing the wall. Then using a clear sealant you varnish over the paper to create a wall that can be wiped down with a cloth. The results are unique wall paper that you will enjoy seeing.

Your bathroom is the first room you see each morning, so make it a room that makes you smile, and feel comforted.

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