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DIY decorating tips for kitchen

DIY decorating tips for kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the home, which not only houses where the meals are prepared, but also where family members meet. If you feel your kitchen needs a makeover, there is no need to hire an interior designer when you can DIY. You can make your kitchen as good as new, warm and inviting. Below are some tips that you can use to make your dream kitchen come true.

The first and the most important thing are to decide on the theme of the kitchen. This will help in getting the right decorations. You may want an ultra modern kitchen with shiny items that are metallic or made of stainless steel. Other themes could be earthy with the use of rich mahoganies and wooden dishware or a colored theme where all your items have one color. If your kitchen has too many items such that it is cluttered, remove the items that you do not need and keep away the others. This may actually make your kitchen look new, spacious and entertaining. You can also create additional shelving that can be used to store items. The shelves can be installed on the wall.

Choose the right color for the kitchen. One color such as white may end up causing the kitchen to look boring and monotonous. Paint the kitchen bright colors to give it that warm and inviting look. You can also use different shades of the same color. An assent color such as bright blue or yellow can be used to spice up the kitchen in addition to a neutral color such as black or white. Mixing of neutral colors such as white, gray or cream may lead to a sophisticated look while remaining simple and classic. Another painting theme can be to paint three walls in one color and painting the fourth wall a different popping color.

Flowers bring that fresh feeling and there is no better place to have them than in the kitchen. You can put flowers on the kitchen table vase and plant other flowers on the kitchen window. Lilies will do well for a simple kitchen while daisies and carnations can be used for a more detailed kitchen. You can also plant herbs instead of flowers helping you to decorate the kitchen as you improve the taste of your meals.

A piece of furniture not meant for a kitchen such as a bookshelf or a bench can give your kitchen a new look. It can also become the focal point of your kitchen. Matching the pattern your kitchen curtains, hand towels and tablecloth can help retain your theme. These can also be changed seasonally by adding seasonal elements and colors. This can also be made easier by having custom-made Roman shades on the kitchen window, which can be changed every season. The revamping of your kitchen may not be complete without proper lighting. You can place table lamps on the counters creating that homey feel. Lights under the cabinets can light them up and can be used when dim lighting is needed. A hanging lamp with an eccentric shade can give the kitchen the desired lighting mood for the kitchen.

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