Tips on buying security and home automation system to turn your home into a smart home

Tips on buying security and home automation system to turn your home into a smart home

Smart homes that have remote controls for cooling, heating, lights, window shades and much more are not just for the high-end market. You can also have your own security and home automation. Below are some tips you can use to buy the automation system.

Steps to take towards home automation

Create your dream automated home in your fantasies. Feed your dream by going through home automation magazines or from the automation websites on the internet. By the time you are through, you should have a clear idea of the kind of home you would like to have.

Decide what you would like to automate in your home. Some of the automated systems include cooling and heating, lighting control, audio-video  controls preheating the oven and security systems. If you want to start small, for instance, by automating the lights first, ensure that you use an expandable system where you can add other functions later. Consider your budget when deciding the automation system to buy. You can find a basic system worth hundreds of dollars or automation systems for the whole-house  worth thousands of dollars. Install the system that is compatible with your budget. Choose a system that will work with your current installations such as the air conditioner, furnace, home entertainment and security systems. This will result to you spending less on the security and home automation. However, you will need to replace items such as alarm controllers, thermostats and light switches.

The master control panel is where security and home automation systems meet. It should be placed in a central spot that is convenient for all the systems. When you are installing automation systems in an existing home, consider buying radio frequency or power line controls. This is because the controls will not require additional wiring. However, they are less flexible or useful than systems operating on low voltage wiring systems.

Additional capabilities of the system to consider

The best automation systems should have capabilities of using external remote control. This will enable you to remotely control your house, such as turning on the systems when you approach, shutting down the house when leaving and checking the status of your home when you are away. The remote controls to use are the Internet and telephone based such as using your Smartphone to monitor your home.

A suitable system should have a vacation mode. This mode tracks the lighting patterns when you are at home and then recreates them when you are away to make your house seem occupied. You can set weekends and weekdays programs. Buy controllers that are wireless touch screen to ensure that they can be programmed and can work from all over the house. The systems should have power supply that is uninterruptible such as the use of battery to ensure there is service even when power is off. If to automate your home you want to combine products from different vendors, ensure that they are compatible. The system should be flexible with many preset options to allow you to set it as you deem fit.

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