Will there be standardization of smart home devices in order to use one system?

Will there be standardization of smart home devices in order to use one system?

The smart home industry is growing and so is the use of devices needed to make this happen. Prediction is that more growth is expected, and that means more devices. What is happening is that there is not a single platform to connect the devices and let them communicate to each other. The consumer has to deal with many automation devices with different ways of managing them. The security camera comes with its devices and a means of controlling it such as its app on the Smartphone, the smart door lock has its app, and lighting has its own app. The user ends up with so many apps to operate each device of the home. With the growth of the industry, the question that is arising is whether there will be standardization of the devices such that they can be operated from a single platform. This is in order to make it easy for the end user to manage the smart home.

Latest standardization efforts

Despite there being no single standard of using home automation devices, various developers are coming up with ways of networking them. One such company is the UK based CSR, which has introduced a mesh protocol for developers to connect and control various devices. The same efforts have been seen when major players in the technology industry came together to address standardization in a formal way. The players who include Intel, Dell and Samsung formed an Interconnect consortium as a step towards a common platform for their devices.

Supporting developers and startups

For the use of connected home to grow, there is need for more players in the market. Most developers face the challenge of realizing their dream of creating smart home devices. OpenHome labs from iControl is helping them by giving them the technical assistance that they need, market exposure and differentiation in branding. With standardization and more devices to choose from, the market is bound to grow. To make the market better, the devices should be interoperable to meet the current need in the market of too many devices that cannot be operated from a single point.

Standardization to secure the devices

Security is an important aspect of an intelligent home because just like any software, it is also prone to hacking. Standardization can lead to creation of specifications, which must be met before the devices are produced. This way, it will be easy to deal with the aspect of securing the devices without having to deal with one device at a time. What the end user needs is a smart home and an easy way to control the devices. People have different needs and what the marketers need to do is to sell the technology in use cases. For one person, their use case may be to have a secure home, which they can monitor from wherever they are, and another person’s need is to have a device that can control aspects such as lighting and heating at once.

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