How security home automation system works

How security home automation system works

If you have a security home automation, it means that you have control of various aspects of your home even when you are not near. Various methods are used to control the components of the automation with some components being controlled wirelessly and others with hardwire. Controlling using wireless methods utilizes radio frequencies (RF) such as infrared and Bluetooth. Hardwired control uses systems such as phone cables, electrical wires and Ethernet. Some systems combine both wireless and wired components.

The workings of lighting, heating and cooling

Lighting can be remotely controlled by allowing adjustment of brightness. This is done by using inline dimmers and lamp plug-ins that are installed between the power source and the light. The dimmers help in regulating power that gets to the light enabling the adjustment of brightness.There are also fireplace dimmers that allow the regulation of gas released and therefore, controlling the mood and the brightness of the fireplace.

In order to control lighting and heating, there is need to replace the current thermostat with another smart one. This will enable you to program remotely when the heating unit and air conditioning operates and the temperatures they maintain. You can either program the thermostat to go on and off during particular times, or you can use the Internet through Ethernet connection to control it. Radio frequency signals can also be used to control the thermostat wirelessly. This way, you can control the temperatures at home from wherever you are.

Security and cameras systems

The alarm security system consists of sensors, the control panel and alarm. The sensors are connected to the control unit using cables for hardwired system or by wireless connectivity. When the window or door is closed, the sensors have two pieces that are closed completing the electronic circuit. When the door or window is opened, the circuit breaks and the breach is reported to the base using radio frequencies. If the control panel is active, the alarm sounds and contacts that have been programmed in the system such as your phone number or emergency number are automatically dialed. You are therefore, able to know if there is a burglary or entry by an authorized person into your home even if you are far away.

The surveillance cameras also work just like the alarm security system. The cameras record the happenings, and they send the video data to the control unit using radio frequency (RF) signals. At night, the cameras use infrared technology, or if they are small, they use compacted circuitry. The camera’s control panel then sends the video signal to a hard drive or a monitor. You may also have a driveway reporter to detect the presence of people and vehicles. The reporter has a laser beam, which is broken when a person or a vehicle passes. The time the break occurs and the duration it takes is reported to the base unit in the house by way of radio frequency signals.A security home automation ensures that your home is safe, and it allows you to monitor the security from wherever you are.

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