Car Alarm Systems for your Drive

Car Alarm Systems for your Drive

Cases of people breaking into cars or stealing them are rampant, around the globe.   Car alarm systems may be the solution to this problem. While it might not be in a position to prevent experienced car thieves, from stealing or breaking into your drive, they can deter potential thieves. The alarm systems for cars have developed from simplistic models of the past, to the modern ones, which rely almost entirely on technology. The car alarm system you choose will determine the security of your car. Hence, it is important to learn a few tips before you select any.  Before we go into that lets look at how the systems work.

How does a car alarm system work?

The most standard car alarm systems comprise of three features namely a door sensor, wiring, and a siren. The sensor is programmed to switch the siren on, if the door is opened. Immediately, the car door opens the circuit is completed and the siren blares. This basic system requires that you get into the car to put the alarm off. The switch for putting the stopping the alarm is hidden in the interior of the car. Other sophisticated alarm systems for cars, utilizes additional sensors to detect any form of security threat, by increasing sensitivity to pressures or light vibrations.

One of these extra sensors are shock sensors, which makes the alarm to go off, when somebody or a thing hits the car. Depending on the magnitude of the shock, the alarm will produce either a mild or a loud sound. However, shock sensors are very sensitive enough to alert you unnecessarily, for instance, when somebody leans on your car. Shock sensors helps to scare thieves away but the fact that they can go off accidentally, have made people to be immune to them. Hence, whether there is the ultimate solution to car theft is subject for debate. To this effect, manufacturers are developing systems, which are more proactive. The new systems can stop the stolen car or send alerts about the location to the owner and the authorities, to speed the search.

Features of a good car alarm system

If you want to secure your car fully, the alarm system, you choose should compose of the following components:
•    Keyless entry- This allows you to open and close the car without touching the car.
•    Door sensor- This awakens the alarm, if the door is opened with force.
•    Automatic lock- For locking the car when the engine goes off.
•    Shock sensors- These are for detecting any force subjected to the car by an object or somebody.
•    Vehicle tracking system- When your car is stolen, the tracking system finds its location.  A chip is installed inside the car, which the tracking company uses, to find their location.
•    Window alarms- Most thieves use the windows to break into the car, window alarms can help.

Car alarm systems are great for deterring thieves, and they also have financial benefits, including reducing car insurance premiums.

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Various terminologies used in home system security

Various terminologies used in home system security

If you are in the process of buying a home system security or products for your home, you may have encountered a few terms, which you cannot make out. However, you do not have to worry since with time, you will understand them. However, it is best to learn the terminology used in the market of home security systems before getting into it. This way, you will be in a position to communicate clearly to the seller about your needs in a language they can understand. Here are some of the terms:

Cellular monitoring- This is based on a wireless connection, through a cellular link rather than a broadband or a landlines connection. The beauty with it is that it is fast and thieves cannot damage the wires.

2-way voice- It is an add-on feature in a number of security systems.  It enables you to speak to a representative in the monitoring center via your control panel. When an emergency arises and you cannot reach the control panel, you can talk to the support team from a distance of 75 feet.

Glass break sensor- The detectors sense any possibility of glass breaking. Hence, if an intruder attempts to break your windows, you will be notified of it.

Remote access- This implies that you can access your home system security through any web-enabled device such as your Smartphone. Security systems that allow for remote access offer you notification of the status of your home security through emails or texts. Others enable you to see the footage from the security cameras, control lights, thermostat, locks, and small household appliances.

Sensors- These form a part of the security system. They are used to detect break-ins, motion, and other emergencies such as fire and floods. Hence, there are flood and smoke sensors. While these do not keep away burglars, they ensure that you do not lose your family members and property to emergencies.

Carbon monoxide detectors- Carbon monoxide is notorious for killing people when they least expect. It is odorless hence difficult to sense. This is where carbon monoxide detectors come in handy.

Equipment warranty- Depending on the security company you are using most will give a warranty. This implies that they are willing to repair or replace any component of the security system, which poses problems but within a certain period. It is important to look at the warranty of the company before buying their systems.

Home automation- This terminology borrows a lot from home automation, just that it is not more geared towards security but rather in giving the homeowner the control of their home, regardless of where they are. It generally refers to the way one can use a web enabled device including a Smartphone to access home features such as thermostat, lighting fixtures and small appliances.

Shopping for the right home security system may be daunting and in particular, when you can hardly understand the terms used on the websites or by the local suppliers. Hence, it is important to learn the terminology, so that you are better placed in the transaction.

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