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Benefits of having a home alarm system and why you should have it in your home

Benefits of having a home alarm system and why you should have it in your home

Having peace of mind is something every home owner desires while knowing that the home is secure from thieves, fire, carbon monoxide, cold and water. This peace can be achieved by installation of a house alarm system, which can include fire alarms, burglar alarms and alarms for carbon monoxide. Although the cost of installing the home alarm system may be high, the benefits exceed these costs. Below are some of the benefits.

Deterring intruders

A home alarm system helps to prevent intruders from making their entry into the home. A home with a security system has a sign showing that it is protected. This alone can deter intruders from making entry into the home. In case the intruder tries to enter a home with an activated alarm system, a loud sound is likely to go off, and it can discourage the intruder. The alarm also sends notification to the owner if a door or window is opened. If it has been monitoring, it can notify the company of any problem, and the monitoring company can see the area that has been compromised such as the door or the window. Once the company is notified, it calls the home to verify if there is a problem, or it was an accident. In case there is a problem, the police are notified. Some intruders may have ill intentions of harming the occupants in addition to stealing. With a home alarm system, such as risk is reduced and people are safe.

Other alarms

An alarm system contains other alarms such as for the fire and carbon monoxide. These alert the homeowner in case of fire or there is leaking carbon monoxide. These can help to save life and property by helping in early detection before they cause harm. For instance, carbon monoxide is odorless and toxic and if inhaled it can result to death or health problems. There are also freezing alarms that can notify the owner, in case there is freezing, especially in the cold season.

Results to high value and low costs

If you have installed an alarm system, it can result to reduced cost of insurance. If the alarm system is monitored, the payment for homeowners insurance can reduce by up to 20 percent. Insurance companies also require homes that have been burglarized to install a security system if they want to be insured, or so that they can be insured at a lower rate. A home with an alarm system also fetches more in the market with a higher resale value and attraction of more potential buyers. The system also increases the financial value of the home unlike a home without a security system. Peace of mind is important, and that is what a security system provides. People can sleep better at night knowing that a break in would cause an alert. If you have traveled, you will be at peace knowing that in case something happens, you will get an alert and so will the company providing monitoring services.

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Tips on buying security and home automation system to turn your home into a smart home

Tips on buying security and home automation system to turn your home into a smart home

Smart homes that have remote controls for cooling, heating, lights, window shades and much more are not just for the high-end market. You can also have your own security and home automation. Below are some tips you can use to buy the automation system.

Steps to take towards home automation

Create your dream automated home in your fantasies. Feed your dream by going through home automation magazines or from the automation websites on the internet. By the time you are through, you should have a clear idea of the kind of home you would like to have.

Decide what you would like to automate in your home. Some of the automated systems include cooling and heating, lighting control, audio-video  controls preheating the oven and security systems. If you want to start small, for instance, by automating the lights first, ensure that you use an expandable system where you can add other functions later. Consider your budget when deciding the automation system to buy. You can find a basic system worth hundreds of dollars or automation systems for the whole-house  worth thousands of dollars. Install the system that is compatible with your budget. Choose a system that will work with your current installations such as the air conditioner, furnace, home entertainment and security systems. This will result to you spending less on the security and home automation. However, you will need to replace items such as alarm controllers, thermostats and light switches.

The master control panel is where security and home automation systems meet. It should be placed in a central spot that is convenient for all the systems. When you are installing automation systems in an existing home, consider buying radio frequency or power line controls. This is because the controls will not require additional wiring. However, they are less flexible or useful than systems operating on low voltage wiring systems.

Additional capabilities of the system to consider

The best automation systems should have capabilities of using external remote control. This will enable you to remotely control your house, such as turning on the systems when you approach, shutting down the house when leaving and checking the status of your home when you are away. The remote controls to use are the Internet and telephone based such as using your Smartphone to monitor your home.

A suitable system should have a vacation mode. This mode tracks the lighting patterns when you are at home and then recreates them when you are away to make your house seem occupied. You can set weekends and weekdays programs. Buy controllers that are wireless touch screen to ensure that they can be programmed and can work from all over the house. The systems should have power supply that is uninterruptible such as the use of battery to ensure there is service even when power is off. If to automate your home you want to combine products from different vendors, ensure that they are compatible. The system should be flexible with many preset options to allow you to set it as you deem fit.

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Setting up home alarm systems- learn how to do it for a safer home

Setting up home alarm systems- learn how to do it for a safer home

To set up your home alarm systems, you need to understand your needs in order to choose suitable alarm system. Important areas should be covered including all entrance into the house. You can choose to have monitoring service and other amenities such as carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and even outdoor lights. After sorting out all the details of your alarm system, you can now set it up.

Setting up the system

Decide where the control box will be placed inside the house. The place suitable for it is near an entry point such as at the front door, in a nook or in the closet. Try to place it out of sight. If the control box needs external power, place it near a wall outlet. Get the number of windows and doors that are on the ground floor plus those that are on other floors that an intruder can access. Each one of the entryway needs to have a sensor, which means that you should have enough sensors in the alarm kit to cover all the areas.

If you will be using motion sensors, decide the areas that you should place them. You can have motion sensors indoors on the living room and on the hallway. Also, place them in choke points or central locations such as stairways where an intruder must pass while going to other parts of the house. You may also place the motion detectors outdoors such as in the backyard where the sensor can trigger light if it detects motion.

Determine where to place the alarms such as the burglary or the main alarm, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms if you are using them. Place the smoke detectors six inches from wall or ceiling edge, away from cooling or heating vents. Take the distance between the areas that will require alarm components such as the window and door sensors, motion, alarm and smoke detectors, and the control box. This will help to ensure that all areas are connected.

Determine if you will use a wireless or a wired alarm system. A wired system requires cables to connect the components, and you may require a professional to install them on the walls for you. Wireless alarm systems communicate using radio signals, and they are easily installed without the need for professional assistance. Just make sure that you check the range of every component so that you can place it within that distance from the control box for it to work.

Installing the alarm system

Install the components of the home alarm systems in the set locations. If you are wiring, do it in an easy to do scale. You can screw a mounting bracket in place with drywall screws and then place the component there. You should then wire every component to control box in case you are using a wired alarm system. For a wireless system, put batteries in the components. Activate the components and turn the control box on. Program the password in the control box and then finish the installation by performing other steps in the set up.

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How security home automation system works

How security home automation system works

If you have a security home automation, it means that you have control of various aspects of your home even when you are not near. Various methods are used to control the components of the automation with some components being controlled wirelessly and others with hardwire. Controlling using wireless methods utilizes radio frequencies (RF) such as infrared and Bluetooth. Hardwired control uses systems such as phone cables, electrical wires and Ethernet. Some systems combine both wireless and wired components.

The workings of lighting, heating and cooling

Lighting can be remotely controlled by allowing adjustment of brightness. This is done by using inline dimmers and lamp plug-ins that are installed between the power source and the light. The dimmers help in regulating power that gets to the light enabling the adjustment of brightness.There are also fireplace dimmers that allow the regulation of gas released and therefore, controlling the mood and the brightness of the fireplace.

In order to control lighting and heating, there is need to replace the current thermostat with another smart one. This will enable you to program remotely when the heating unit and air conditioning operates and the temperatures they maintain. You can either program the thermostat to go on and off during particular times, or you can use the Internet through Ethernet connection to control it. Radio frequency signals can also be used to control the thermostat wirelessly. This way, you can control the temperatures at home from wherever you are.

Security and cameras systems

The alarm security system consists of sensors, the control panel and alarm. The sensors are connected to the control unit using cables for hardwired system or by wireless connectivity. When the window or door is closed, the sensors have two pieces that are closed completing the electronic circuit. When the door or window is opened, the circuit breaks and the breach is reported to the base using radio frequencies. If the control panel is active, the alarm sounds and contacts that have been programmed in the system such as your phone number or emergency number are automatically dialed. You are therefore, able to know if there is a burglary or entry by an authorized person into your home even if you are far away.

The surveillance cameras also work just like the alarm security system. The cameras record the happenings, and they send the video data to the control unit using radio frequency (RF) signals. At night, the cameras use infrared technology, or if they are small, they use compacted circuitry. The camera’s control panel then sends the video signal to a hard drive or a monitor. You may also have a driveway reporter to detect the presence of people and vehicles. The reporter has a laser beam, which is broken when a person or a vehicle passes. The time the break occurs and the duration it takes is reported to the base unit in the house by way of radio frequency signals.A security home automation ensures that your home is safe, and it allows you to monitor the security from wherever you are.

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Cleaning After a Wild Party

Cleaning After a Wild Party

Sadly, the fun comes to a halt the minute the party dies down, and you are faced with a messy place. You probably want to slump on the couch and pretend that you are not the owner of such a house in disarray. If you are lucky, you might have a sweet friend who is willing to help you clear the mess, but this is hardly the case. For some reason, partygoers are not into the habit of offering a hand in a bid to reduce the mess they jovially contributed to. Once the embers of the party have died down, they traverse their mess and speed off into the oblivion, probably until the next house party. This means that you are left with a huge mess to tackle despite your hangover and your weariness. Cleaning up might not sound like an ideal idea and naturally, you would want to devise ways to clean up without necessarily breaking a sweat. You can start by clearing glasses, cups and bottles while you clean any spills.

Toss half-filled glasses in the kitchen sink and plastic cups out. Parade the utensils on the kitchen counter and start to load the dishwasher. Do an overhaul garbage collection in all the rooms and more so the kitchen as it harbors centralized clutter. Take trash out to prevent odor and hideous leaks in the house. Vacuum your house thoroughly and dust off any debris while working toward the kitchen. The kitchen should always be the last place to clean. Seeing that a house party leaves you drained not only physically but also financially, hiring a cleaning crew might not be exactly a viable option. The trick is to however tackle everything at your own pace unless you held the party secretly without the consent of your parents, then you should clean up with lightning speed.

Use effective cleaning products that will not siphon your remaining ounce of energy. White vinegar and baking soda for instance, are ideal options wiping out stubborn stains on the surfaces. Alternatively, you could use all-purpose cleaning products to clean wine and beer stains that settle on the surfaces. Put all the leftovers from the plates in a plastic bag and take it out before it starts to ooze odor and attract fleas. This can be unappealing and disturbing. Remember that the more you pile up garbage and dirty dishes, the more difficult it becomes to clean up. While it is advisable to take your time and clean at your own pace, the earlier you clear the mess the better. While a house party is a great way to have a good time with your loved ones, the thought of cleaning up, the mess can be a tad overwhelming. Thankfully, a few tips up your sleeve as mentioned above should be reason enough for you to throw that house party without a care in the world.

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