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Energy efficient house: useful energy management tips you should know

Energy efficient house: useful energy management tips you should know

The key to reducing your utility bills is being able to manage your energy in the best way possible, and you will certainly be able to reap lots of benefits in the process. According to energy management consultants, it is important that you have proper energy management systems in place so that you can be able to monitor energy consumption at your home and get to know how you can tame it and reduce the hefty energy bills. Even though being able to manage energy usage at your home isn’t as easy as such, here are a couple of tips that will help you be on the top of the game when it comes to cutting back on energy usage.

Learn about energy management

The first thing when it comes to having an energy efficient house is to become well learned and informed about managing energy. This might seem like quite a simple thing, but you will be amazed at how it can have such a big impact on your energy bills. One of the reasons why you should do this is to avoid energy waste, which can lead to monetary waste. This is because when energy tends to be used unnecessarily at home, this leads to increased energy bills. Over time, you will realize that these high energy costs are a big drain to your income and you have no option than to tame the costs if you want to provide your family a good life.

Minimizing energy waste

Energy waste at your home not only has financial repercussions, but as you might probably know already; this can also cause serious environmental problems as well. Ranging to depletion of the natural resources to an increase in emission of carbon in the air, wasting energy can have a severe environmental impact. Besides the well known effects of environmental pollution, this will also affect the costs as well. A depletion in the supply of energy means that there will be a high demand for a scarce resource. You don’t need an expert to tell that you that this will result in increased energy prices in turn.

Good energy management will help you have an energy efficient house and reduce the serious effects of energy wastage. Most importantly, it is crucial that you do an energy audit at your home and get to know the amount of energy that you are wasting and how you can avoid the wastage. Not so many homes if any will just waste money and energy on purpose because most usually do it ignorantly. You should make a point of reading meter reports every time they are sent so that you can get a clear insight as to how you are using energy at your home. The meter will reveal to you any excessive usage of energy and this will help you know the next steps that you should take.

Poor energy management can lead to significant energy drain at home and this result in significant energy bills by the end of the month. It is important that you use energy wisely at home and avoid paying higher bills than necessary.

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What Defines Best Home Security System?

What Defines Best Home Security System?

Installing a home security system comes with a number of benefits to the homeowner. It gives one a peace of mind no matter where they are.  The mere ownership of the security system, gives an assurance to you that your assets, family and the pets are well guarded.  Furthermore, it adds value to house, if you intend reselling it someday. Hence, the importance of a security system for home cannot be overemphasized. There are varying types of security systems, composing of different components, which you can choose but how do you go about it.

What features should the best home security system have?

Even if security systems vary, the following fundamental features should be members of any home security system:

Alarm devices- These can be installed on doors or any other part of the building to alert you or the local authorities, that somebody intruded your property. The alarms work by either producing an audible sound or by sending an alert to the 911 and advanced versions can send you a message in your Smartphone.

A door chime- It works almost similar with the alarm but is a temporary solution for when you are indoors, doing some household chores. Sometimes you can be too engrossed to hear somebody crippling into the house. The door chime alerts you, if anybody enters your property, so that you can monitor the entrances and exits.

Security cameras- These should not miss in your home security system.  They act as your eyes when you are off the house and discourage a potential thief from grabbing your items. You can fix them in open areas where people can view them, or they can be concealed for surveillance purposes. For instance, you might want to know what the nanny does, when you are not around and maybe watch over the little ones.  The best home security system should have cameras, for enhanced safety and for making it easier, to catch intruders.

Security lights- Well-installed lighting system can help a great deal into discouraging criminals from accessing your home. They can even allow a bystander to identify a thief and help to stop the criminal activity. Preferably, they should be installed in less illuminated areas where there are cameras. Just as the alarms, they are designed to respond to motion, telling the intruder that their presence has been registered.

Security sensors- These go beyond preventing burglary, but they also ensure safety in case of other disasters.  They include smoke detectors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Remote access- Another vital component of the best home security system is its capability to keep you updated, no matter where you are. This feature has gained popularity nowadays when people are controlling almost every aspect of their lives with a Smartphone. The remote access does not only monitor the house for burglary and intrusion, but also controls the heating systems among other appliances.

If you can find a security system that combines all the above features, you might have landed on the best home security system.

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Energy management systems that assure you an energy efficient house

Energy management systems that assure you an energy efficient house

Today, a large number of home owners across the country have been seeking the services of energy management systems providers in efforts of determining how they consume power at their households. With the price of energy, particularly electricity being on the rise these days, one should think about how they can cut back their energy consumption rest these costs become unsustainable. The good thing is that by taking advantage of various energy management systems, you will be able to have an energy efficient home which certainly comes with lots of benefits. Even though these systems that aim at enhancing energy efficiency at homes have been around now for many years, there are some things that people overlook and this makes them unable to take full advantage of them. To ensure that you are well informed before you embrace any energy management system, you should know about the following:

Energy comparison charts

Nowadays, interest in sources of energy that are renewable has increased considerably. As such, most people are willing to do anything to assess the kind of impact that wind, water and solar resources have when it comes to power consumption at their homes. You can get detailed charts with viable energy management systems available out there. In fact, these charts will provide you with a lot more information regarding your energy utility bill and you will be able to compare the different sources of energy available at your disposal and ascertain which one is the best one for you to adopt.

Historical graphs

The importance of historical graphs showing energy usage at home can’t be exaggerated in any way as these graphs are ideally of great importance. Nowadays, energy experts usually provide trend screens which the operators and scroll back and get to review the historical graphs of the data they have selected. Actually, after you adopt an energy management system at your home, you should make use of these graphs to determine whether you have an energy efficient house or not. Reading the progress reports will make you much more informed as you will be able to ascertain whether the system is enabling you to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself or not.

Interval readings

According to energy experts, the best way to determine how you are using energy at your home is to record the usage in some specified intervals. Such intervals could be on a daily basis or even a monthly basis and will provide you with useful information on how you are fairing in having an energy efficient house. You should ask the provider of the system you are using to provide you with these options and this way, you will certainly be able to make well informed decisions regarding how you are using energy at your home.

With so many different options for energy management systems available on the market, you will need to do your homework very well so that you can be able to determine the system that is best for you depending on your energy requirements at home.

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4 tips that will help you to have an energy efficient house

4 tips that will help you to have an energy efficient house

It is very important that you know and understand how you can optimize energy usage at your home in efforts of saving energy and cutting back on your utility bills. Even though some homeowners tend to think that cutting their use of energy at home is quite a difficult affair, you might be surprised at how this can be easy, particularly if you follow these tips highlighted here below:

1.    Erect barriers for blocking sunlight

When the summer months come calling, having your home exposed to the sun directly can possibly turn it into a sauna and this is something that you will really need to avoid. What this does in turn is making the air conditioner work much harder in trying to keep your home interior cool. Your house will consume much more power if the A/C works much harder. The best way to ease the job of your air conditioner is adding features for blocking the sunlight. Such could include an extension to your roof’s eaves and you can as well build shaded areas or even plant some tall trees as well.
2.    Your home should be designed with living areas facing the north

A common assumption by most people is that the sun usually rises on the east side and then sets to the west. However, the truth of the matter is that the trajectory of the sun usually changes with seasons and this is something you must keep in mind when designing your home. In efforts of optimizing the energy efficiency of your home, you should minimize amount of sun coming to your house during summer and maximize amount of sun coming through the windows during winter. You can easily achieve this by having your house designed in a way that the living areas face north.
3.    Use the ceiling fans liberally
To some homeowners, the ceiling fans are an old fashioned way of cooling the home but energy experts always emphasize on their great importance. This is because you can be able to use the ceiling fans without having to turn the air conditioner on. This comes with tremendous advantages since ceiling fans require less electricity to run and will thus help you to have an energy efficient house.

4.    Use energy efficient lighting
When it comes to energy consumption at home, the kind of lighting that you install really matters a lot and it is important that you go for the most energy efficient lighting. With this being said, it is important for you to know that the compact fluorescent bulbs are more efficient compared to the incandescent light bulbs. In fact, these ones not only use relatively less electricity but also last longer and installing them at your home will certainly mean more savings on cost.

When you are designing your home, there are so many options available at your disposal that you can use and be able to have that energy efficient house that you so much desire. Implementing these tips will help you reduce usage of energy at your home and be able to save more money in turn.

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Comparing various residential security systems to determine the best

Comparing various residential security systems to determine the best

Having the best residential security systems is an important matter because of the need to protect family members and loved ones from any harm. Before settling on any security system, you should compare a number of them so that you can choose the best. The tips below will help you to get the best security system with the best deal.

Comparing the systems

Select a number of residential security systems and go through the customer reviews for each one of them. The reviews are on the website of the product or of home security companies. Read the reviews to see the reaction of other customers to the service. Note what the customers thought of the system, if it was effective and easy to operate.

Find out what the professionals are saying about the security systems. How the experts are rating and comparing them. Most professional reviews can be found in expert review websites and magazines. For instance, you can find reviews in Customers Digest, which is a magazine for consumer products reviews. Sort the alarm systems using the number of sensors they have. The ideal system should have a sensor for every entryway of your home such as the windows and the doors. You will find some systems with sensors only for the back and front entryways. Others have sensors for windows and doors. The fewer number of sensors mean that only a few entryways will be covered and therefore, the alarm system may not be effective in controlling burglary because an intruder can get in using other entryways.

Another aspect to use in comparing the residential security systems is the motion sensors available if at all, they are included. The more the number of motion sensors the system has the better to ensure proper protection of your home. This is because movement in various parts of the house can be detected triggering the alarm and alerting the occupants. Sort your list using how many sensors the systems have and use it later to make the decision of which alarm system to use.

A good security system should have an easy to use keypad. Review the keypads of the systems to determine if they are easy to handle and operate. Also, use other features such as the inclusion of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector to compare the systems. Comparing the different features of various home alarm systems will assist you to make the decision of which one to choose based on its suitability.

Investigate the installing company

A security system is not complete without the services of a security company to install the system. Find out more about the company, in areas such as how long it has been in existence and the customers it has served. Consider whether the company will provide after sale services such as repairing the system if required. Your final decision should be based on comparing your needs with the features provided by the systems. Choose the system that best fits your needs.

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