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Learn to Walk With Your Dog The Proper Way

Learn to Walk With Your Dog The Proper Way

Some people have trouble when they are trying to train their dog to walk nicely on a leash. Dogs generally love to go outside so they can explore and wander. However, they may get too excited about all of their surroundings which can bring about problems for you. If you feel you are using too much energy when you are taking your dog for a walk and not enjoying it, then you should brush up on several techniques to make you and your dog's life a lot more pleasant and stress-free during walk time.

When To Walk Your Dog

There are better times during the day when you can opt to take your dog for a walk. Try to avoid times when the wildlife is known to be most active. These times are generally in the early morning and the early evening. So taking your dog for a walk during those times will most likely lead to a lot of distractions. Instead, take your dog out in the middle of the day or even before the sun rises, if you are an early bird. That way, you can make the most of your walk for both you and your dog.

How To Walk Your Dog

1) It is important to praise your dog during his/her walk when a behavior is done as you requested. Keep in mind that you should not give your dog too many treats during the walk, but just enough so you will be able to reinforce any positive actions that occur. If your dog listens to your command to “sit” and “stay” when another person is coming near, you can give him/her a treat if your dog follows through with those commands. That means your dog is learning and should be rewarded for her good behavior.

2) Make sure that you remain the pack leader. In everyday life with your dog, you should develop this role in any case. You have to be the one that is in control, not your dog. This does not change when you take your dog for a walk. To show your dog that you are pack leader on your walk, it is important to remain next to or a bit in front of your dog. When you are lagging behind your dog, this shows him/her that you are not in control.

Accessories To Make Walking Easier

1) When you take your dog for a walk, you should be equipped with a collapsible bowl and water for your dog, depending on the length of the walk and the topography of the land. If there are lots of hills and difficult climbing areas, you should stop every so often so you and your dog can stay hydrated. This is even more important when the weather is rather hot and humid.

2) The right leash is an important factor that will make your walk easy or not. You shouldn't have a leash that is way too long. This allows your dog to have too much independence, which will lead to negative behaviors. The best leashes to get are made of leather or sturdy fabric. These are generally easier to hold on to than other types of leashes.

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Children Also Need Pets But Be Careful!

Children Also Need Pets But Be Careful!

I believe you can recall some nice moments that you had with your pet during your childhood. If your parent could take away your pet, you would cry loud and remain unhappy. Now as an adult, the same thing would come to you. What would happen today if your child requested for a pet? Remember the health of a pet is very vital. Therefore, before you bring a furry friend home for your child, take some time to choose wisely.

Readiness for the Pet

First, establish whether your child can look after the pet. You should also assess whether you will be ready to supervise. Handing all the responsibilities for pet care to your child will not be the best idea. Parents should always take the responsibility first regardless of the age of the child. If a child must do activities like cleaning the litter box, the parents must supervise to ensure this s done. It is the parents who will schedule checkups for the animal. Children can be given other duties depending on their stages of development. Thus, before bringing a pet home ensure that the child bears the following characteristics:

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How To Make Bathing Your Cat An Easier Process

How To Make Bathing Your Cat An Easier Process

Cat owners know that bath time is the last thing you want to get involved in. The process of bathing your cat can be very harrowing for you and your pet. It is a well known fact that cats do not like water. While cats are generally clean animals, you should still give them regular baths to keep them in top shape. You may not be able to get rid of the issues altogether, but you can take steps to lessen the stress.

Prepping Your Cat For Bath Time

1) Clipping your cat's nails is a vital step to perform beforehand. Their claws are sharp and can cause painful wounds if you do not clip them. Clip all of your cat's claws, not just the ones on his/her front paws. Try to calm your pet by talking in a soothing voice. Give your cat time to adjust before you place him/her into the bathtub.

2) Think ahead before bath time. You should not bathe your cat directly after a heavy session of play. You don't want all of that energy in your cat when you are trying to achieve calmness. Pick a time when your cat tends to be more relaxed and at ease.

3) Brush your cat in a calm manner. Not only will this help reduce the amount of hair in your tub, but you can take this time to put your cat into a relaxed frame of mind. Do this process in a loving manner so your cat feels at ease. When they are calm, the idea of getting into a bathtub may not be so overwhelming.

Keeping Your Cat In The Tub

1) Make sure the floor of the tub has a mat so your cat can stand easier. When you place your cat into a wet tub, the floor will be slippery, leaving your cat to feel unsteady and anxious. It is important to make your cat feel as secure as possible.

2) Be delicate with your cat and how you administer the water onto his/her body. Don't just start spraying water on them or dumping a cup of water all over. A cat's head is especially a more sensitive area. Remember that your cat does not have hands to wipe any excess water and soap out of the eyes. Also, you do not want to get water into your cat's ears. Take a gentle approach when you introduce the water.

3) Make sure to use shampoo that is specifically made for cats. Human or dog shampoo may have chemicals that may irritate a cat's skin. Wash your cat according to the directions on the bottle.

4) Clean your cat's face with lukewarm water. Do not dump a cup of water over your cat, which will definitely cause stress and clawing. Employ a calmer method by using a washcloth in a soft and calming manner. Make sure you rinse your cat well so no soap residue is left on his/her skin.

After The Bath

1) Once you are finished bathing your cat, take a dry towel and wrap him/her in it. Try to sop up any excess water from your cat so they will be able to dry faster. You don't want your cat to run off wet and be cold for a long time.

2) Praise your cat with a treat after you are all done. This can let your cat know that you are happy with his/her bath time and is deserving of a treat. After going through this process and getting a special treat, your cat may find bath time easier and easier as time goes on.

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Caring For Your Pot Belly Pig

Caring For Your Pot Belly Pig

Over the years, pot belly pigs have become a popular pet to have. These pigs are very smart, good-nature and can be trained. Even though most people think of pot belly pigs as being rather small in stature, some can in fact weigh up to 200 pounds at the prime stages of life.

1) Bonding
People like to bring pot belly pigs into their family because they tend to be rather friendly. They will develop a close bond with the family members. It is important that you take the proper steps to socialize your pig. As you incorporate your new pet into your family life, you will be able to cuddle and hold your pig more often. Just be patient when you first bring home your pig because he/she may be cautious and not want to be held so much. However, just like any other pet, your pot belly pig will learn to enjoy your cuddles and even request them.

2) Training
In order to house train your pot belly pig, you can use the same methods that you would do with a puppy. Every few hours during the day, take your pig outside for the bathroom. The most important times to go would be after he/she eats and after your pig wakes. Whenever you take your pig outside, say the same phrase to him/her so it can become familiar. This will positively reinforce your pig that when he/she goes to the bathroom outside, it is a good thing.

Pot belly pigs also use litter boxes in some cases. Pigs prefer to go to the bathroom outside, but if you find it necessary to train him/her to use a litter box, you will have no issues. Keep in mind that you have to use a litter box that is larger than a normal cat box. Don't use litter, but instead place newspapers and wood bits in the box. Remember to keep the litter box away from their food.

3) Housing
It is important that you bring your pit outside on a regular basis in order to work off some energy. Pigs need to be able to root around outside. Take them out at least one time during the day for play and exercise, at the very least.

If your primary location to house your pig is outside, make sure that he/she does not get too cold or too hot. Your pet should be protected from the elements to make it a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Give your pig plenty of blankets to sleep on and provide an enclosed area for him/her to rest in. If it is too hot out, pigs love to wade around in a kiddie pool to cool off.

4) Feeding
While pigs will tend to eat just about anything, it is important to monitor what you feed your pet. The best food to give is a special pig food that will allow your pig to remain healthy and get all the nutrients he/she needs. Pot belly pigs also love fruits and vegetables along with their pig food. In order to find the best food, check with your local veterinarian about what to feed your pig.

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Weird and wonderful ways to remember your pet when they die

Weird and wonderful ways to remember your pet when they die

Your pet has been a loving member of your family for years. So what do you do when they pass away? This can be just as traumatic as losing a human family member and it is important to treat the process of handling their body with respect and integrity.

Talking about the death of your pet may feel taboo but doing so before your pet dies is much easier than making rushed decisions that you may regret later. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or horse there are many ways to create a lasting memorial of them. Some are more physical while others are more spiritual.

What happens to the body?

If your pet dies at a veterinarian clinic you can take the body home or they can take care of it for you. They can also arrange for your pet’s body to be cremated and you can have the ashes returned if desired.

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